DD Podhigai Live | Watch DD Pothigai Live Online

DD Podhigai Live | Watch DD Pothigai Live Online

DD Podhigai is Doordarshan’s Tamil language regional channel. It is broadcast both terrestrially and via satellite.

DD Podhigai TV Live Stream. Doordarshan Kendra Chennai’s Regional satellite Network, DD-5, was launched on 15 April 1993. This service is viewed in India and some parts of the world. DD-5 took a new identity in Tamil and was renamed DD Podhigai on 15 January 2000.

The name Podhigai was suggested by the viewers themselves. It is named after Podhigai Hills situated in Tirunelveli district. This hill range is part of Western Ghats of Southern India. This hill range is famous for its association with Sage Agasthya. Legend has it that Agastya created Tamil in this hill. River Tamirabarani originates here.

The channel offers a variety of programmes with serials, films, infotainment programmes, news and current affairs being most prominent. It is the only regional language satellite channel with terrestrial transmission. Terrestrial transmission is limited to major cities in Tamil Nadu.

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