Pogo TV Tamil Live | Watch Pogo TV Tamil Live Online

Pogo TV Tamil Live | Watch Pogo TV Tamil Live Online

Launched formally on 1 January 2004, Pogo is a cable and Satellite television channel produced by Turner Broadcasting. It is unit of Time Warner for India. The channel primarily focuses on airing animated shows and some even fun based live-action shows from Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra.

Initially, the channel for kids was only available in India. However, a time shift version of the channel is now available in neighboring countries including Nepal, Bhutan, and SriLanka. In India, the channel is available in three different languages; English, Hindi and Tamil.

In neighboring countries; Bangladesh and Pakistan, Pogo TV is available as a two-hour block on Cartoon Network (Pakistan).

Recently, the channel was seen being aired in multiple languages in India. However, the time shift version which is available outside India is only available in English. The channel is widely celebrated among kids for showing extremely popular animated shows in addition to live action shows.

Turner also produces exclusive shows for Pogo. These are available under the brand name “Pogo Originals”. Another Pogo original production by Turner is a Music Art and Dance show “M.A.D.”. This is a do-it-yourself show.

Some of the most popular shows of Pogo include Lights! Camera! Pogo, Chhota Bheem, and many more. Originally, the channel was a sister service to Cartoon Network. Today, the channel is available online through live streaming services. Now avid Pogo can watch their favourite shows on the move through streaming services

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